Total Stock and new supply:

Modern developer-led warehouse and industrial production space of A class quality, owned by a developer or investor for lease to third parties. It does not include owner-occupied stock. New supply includes the above mentioned space completed during the given period including office space.


Take-up represents the total floor space that was let or pre-let over the specified period of time. A property is taken-up when the lease or future lease contract is signed. This includes only long term leases of a period longer than one year. Gross take-up includes renegotiations. Net take-up excludes these and includes only new leases, pre-leases, and expansions of space within existing lease contracts.

Vacancy rate

Ratio of physically vacant space in completed buildings on the total stock of warehouse and industrial space including office areas.

Prime rent

Represents the top open market rent that could be expected for a notional distribution warehousing unit of the highest quality and specification in the prime location within a market, as at the survey date (normally at the end of each quarterly period). The rent quoted is based on a prime unit of 5,000 sq m gross internal leased for a period of five years, with ceiling heights of over 8 metres, used primarily for distribution/warehousing uses